Abduction in King of Prussia leads to chase into Philadelphia

UPPER MERION TWP., Pa. (WPVI) -- An investigation is underway after a reported abduction in Montgomery County.

What happened in the 100 block of Colonial Place in King of Prussia sparked an abduction, a high-speed chase through King of Prussia into Philadelphia, and an abduction victim stranded in West Philadelphia.

On Friday, Upper Merion Township Police Chief Thomas Nolan says It was late Thursday night when a woman and her wife were leaving a family member's home.

Out of nowhere, a car full of three suspects pulled up behind their car, trapping them in a driveway and attacked them.

The chief said, "At that point, three black males get out of the car. They have hooded sweatshirts on."

One of the women was able to quickly lock herself in her car. But the other was left outside and vulnerable.

Nolan said, "That occurs right on the front lawn. They go to the ground. While they're on the ground he goes through her pockets and steals about $300 in cash."

While that was going on police say a second car pulls up. A woman gets out and tries to get to the victim who locked herself in her car to fight.

The chief said. "She was unable to get into the wife's vehicle. The original suspect pushed the victim into his vehicle and the other males get in and all leave."

From Colonial Place, the original suspect vehicle with the victim and three men inside pulled out right onto 202 North.
Right behind them was the second suspect vehicle.

Then following behind both of them is the victim's wife who called 911 and the chase was on.

From 202 North they made a right onto Henderson Road, then from Henderson, they made a left onto Gulph Road.

From there they went onto I-76 eastbound towards Philadelphia.

Police say, unfortunately, the victim's wife lost the suspect cars in East Falls at Ridge Avenue and Stanton Street.

But a few hours later the wife would receive a phone call from her partner from a random number.

Police say her capturers let her go at 59th and Lancaster. But not before a wild and dangerous ride.

Now luckily both women are expected to be OK.

Police say this was not random. The suspects and the victim knew each other.

There is no threat to the general public.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Upper Merion Township Police Department at (610) 265-3232.
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