Moms brighten Christmas for families in NICU

ABINGTON TOWNSHIP, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- It's the last place a new mom wants to spend her Christmas, especially a new mom who thought she had a few more weeks to go.

"We thought maybe Valentine's Day," said Keely Robinson.

Instead, her baby boy, Graham, was born five days ago at the NICU at Abington Hospital.

"We definitely came early, but he's doing really well, he's growing."

Still, she and her husband say they'll be spending the holiday at the hospital.

"This is a really tough experience and no one really understands it unless you've been through it," she said.

That's where Kori Robino and Kristi Bornstein come in; both of their families have been in the same situation.

"We were here four years ago, so we totally understand what you're going through," Robino told the families in the NICU.

The friends came with gifts of swaddles, blankets, hats, and books. She said it's simple things that can help families through a difficult experience.

"It's not even about what's in those bags, it's just about connecting," said Robino.

She also said when she first got the idea to do this last year, she and her family saved up about $800. Then, the community got wind of her plan and started multiplying the original number.

"The brand, Kickee Pants, actually got word we were doing this and they gave us $20,000 worth of blankets," she said. "People just started asking if they could help and put something in the basket, so it's really just organically grown."

"To have someone reach out that's been in your same shoes, it's a blessing," said Robinson.
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