Jillian Mele
Jillian Mele joined the Action News family in January 2022. She is a Glenside, Pa. native and is excited to return home and deliver stories that impact the area where she grew up.

Jillian spent the last 4-and-a-half years as a network reporter and anchor in New York City covering events as they unfolded across the country. She was on the ground hours after the tragic Las Vegas shooting, live on location for Hurricanes Dorian and Irma, and covered the 2019 World Series from start to finish while following the teams on the road. She even covered the Eagles Super Bowl Parade live from the Parkway!

Jillian extensively covered the 2020 Presidential Election and COVID-19 and its impact on small business owners across the country. In fact, covering the pandemic and interviewing business owners are what led her to pursue an MBA from LaSalle University in Philadelphia. Jillian wanted to understand more about the inner workings of our economy and how it impacts each of us.

While in New York, Jillian had the honor of interviewing WWII veteran, hero and D-Day survivor Ray Lambert. Like many from his generation, Ray rarely spoke of his war days. Jillian considers the fact that he shared his experience with her one of her greatest privileges and she cherishes that interview.

Prior to working in New York City, Jillian spent 9 years here in Philadelphia covering news, traffic and sports.

Jillian's friends and family are in the area, so she is already enjoying spending time with them. In her spare time she enjoys golfing, traveling, and hanging with her dog, Levi.

Jillian's Stories
Philadelphia property owners are getting new assessments: What you should know
"We know that on average those tax assessments are going up 31% from this year's assessment," said Kate Dugan, a staff attorney for Community Legal Services.
Thieves steal, damage grave markers at Pleasantville, NJ cemetery
The thieves have been unsuccessful at taking some, while others have been decimated and left in crumbles.
Chester tow truck driver ambushed while on the job; family wants justice
Family and co-workers are demanding justice after a Chester, Pennsylvania tow truck driver was ambushed while at work.
DA: Bucks County woman shot 2 sons; children not expected to survive
Trinh T. Nguyen has been taken into custody, the Bucks County District Attorney's Office says.
Delaware teacher's daily video for students goes viral on TikTok
People can't seem to figure out why they are obsessed with watching a local high school theater director's TikTok videos, but they are.
Cat reunited with owner after jumping from back of truck 16 years ago
Ritz, who is now about 18 years old, was recently reunited with his owner after being on the run for 16 years.
Falls Township police chief on leave pending investigation into performance of duties: Officials
Nelson Whitney, the police chief in Falls Township, Pennsylvania, has been placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation into allegations related to performance of his duties.
Bear spotted in Bucks County neighborhood leaves residents on edge
It came under the cover of darkness at 2:30 in the morning and left its prints behind. A bear caught on camera in Alberto Córdova's driveway, knocked over the trash can and helped itself to the contents.
Operation 6abc Save-A-Life returns to give out free smoke detectors to area fire departments
More than 5 million homes in the United States don't have a single smoke alarm, according to Kidde Spokesperson Stephanie Berzinski.
Phil Martelli, Fran Dunphy reflect on Jay Wright's legendary coaching career
The news conference will feature Jay Wright, Kyle Neptune and Vice President and Director of Athletics Mark Jackson.