Abuse victims find support on social media

It was once something barely talked about in the open, but now some social media sites are making it easier for victims of abuse to find support.

As a licensed certified social worker, Shari Botwin helps victims of abuse.

Without help, studies show people who endure child abuse, domestic violence, emotional or physical abuse are much more likely to have problems with drugs, alcohol and depression.

As a survivor of child abuse herself, Shari faced her own issues.

"It led to a whole bunch of problems. I didn't trust people. I didn't like myself. I didn't want to be alive sometimes," Botwin said.

It wasn't until she started talking about the abuse that her healing began.

As a counselor, she now knows the sooner a victim speaks about the abuse, the better off they'll be in the future.

And sites like 'Abuse No More' on Facebook are making it easier for victims to speak up *and find support.

"Once you find people that can say, 'that shouldn't have happened to you, it wasn't about you, it wasn't your fault,' that is so healing," Botwin said.

And with more than 138,000 likes, victims realize they're not alone.

There are also some private discussions, but also many post comments and encouraging words.

"Images, words, anything that is hopeful can be very helpful," Botwin said.

But she says sites like this should be used as a first step or for continuing support.

Victims should also go through professional therapy.






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