Avoiding accidental alcohol poisonings among children this holiday season

CENTER CITY (WPVI) -- It's time for holiday parties and family gatherings and this year, the holiday lasts almost two weeks, which means more chance of accidental alcohol poisonings among children.

Every year, Philadelphia's Poison Control center gets calls about little ones drinking alcohol.

Center director Dr. Kevin Osterhoudt says most don't get it from parents, but find it on coffee tables or in the fridge after a party.

Some mixed drinks look like, or smell sweet like their juice.
Others can look like chocolate milk - another favorite kids' beverage.

Teenagers might also put vodka into water bottles, so adults don't know they're drinking.

Alcohol can cause blood sugar to drop dangerously in kids, even if they don't seem intoxicated or it can make them lethargic or unresponsive.

As a reminder, empty beer cans and glasses and put unused alcohol out of reach in your house.

Dr. Osterhoudt says it's also helpful to have a point person keep watch on any kids who might be around, acting as a lifeguard.
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