Allentown family not taking any more chances with Fisher-Price sleeper

ALLENTOWN, Pa. (WPVI) -- The Consumer Product Safety Commission and Fisher-Price issued a stern warning Friday calling for consumers to stop using the popular Rock 'N Play sleeper once infants turn three-months-old, or when they start to show the capability of turning over.

The warning surprised Laura McHugh of Allentown, who placed her three and a half month old son, Charlie, in the incline sleeper as recently as a week ago.

"It never crossed my mind," said McHugh of the reported dangers caused by misusing the product. The CPSC reported 10 infants died using the Rock 'N Play over the past four years. In each fatal incident, the infant, three months or older, wasn't strapped in and had turned from his or her back to his or her side or stomach.

Like many new parents, McHugh and her husband had come to rely on the incline sleeper that rocks. "When I was on maternity leave I'd use it during the day for naps and it was a great help when I needed to put him down for a couple minutes," said McHugh

The product is still safe for newborns according to the CPSC which had previously issued a warning that consumers should properly strap in babies when using the product. The government agency changed the warning after additional deaths occurred from misuse. Under the new guidelines, the product should stop being used when the child turns three-months-old or as soon as the child exhibits rollover capabilities.

A statement from Fisher-Price reads in part, "The Rock 'N Play Sleeper meets all applicable safety standards...we also provide guidance about how to use our products on the front of the product packaging, in the product instructions, and on our website."

McHugh said she's not taking any chances, and will stop using the sleeper for Charlie immediately.

"He's not rolling over yet, so I know that's good, but it's pretty scary when you hear the warnings of other parents who had such tragedies happen," said McHugh.

To read the CPSC warning HERE.

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