Lehigh Valley Bracing for Wintry Weather Including Bitter Cold

ALLENTOWN, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- While snow accumulations are expected to be minimal, the Lehigh Valley is expecting some bitter cold conditions over the next few days.

We spoke with people buying shovels and pavement salt at Albright's Hardware in Allentown.

Most of whom say, someone needs to tell Old Man Winter that his timing is all off.

But David Russell of Allentown says he doesn't care, because he no longer has a need for calendars.

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"I recently retired so I have plenty of time to get ready for winter. So, I was in the hardware store today picking up tarps and bungee cords for my woodpile," Russell said.

Shop owner Ken Ringer says he will never complain about having too many customers, but it is kind of hard to make room for Thanksgiving merchandise, Christmas merchandise, and snow removal merchandise all at the same time.

"We are not a big box store. We are a small store, so we don't have a lot of space to get ready for these kinds of things," said Ringer.

The good news is that the Lehigh Valley is only expecting a trace to 1/2 inch of snow depending on where you live.

The real issue will be the expected bitter cold and strong winds up to 25 mph.

That's why Erich Salomon of Allentown says forget about the salt and shovels for now.

"I am getting window treatments, window protection, so we can protect the house from the cold winds that start blowing," he said.

Lows in the Lehigh Valley are expected to dip into the teens by Wednesday and Thursday.

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