Special toothpaste helping boy "brush" off allergies

COLUMBIA, Missouri (WPVI) -- There's a new method of treating severe allergies on the market.

It's as easy as brushing your teeth!

5-year-old Liam Stump has so many allergies he can't join his brother and dad out on the family farm.

"That corn is just horrible for his allergies," says Liam's mother Kayle.

She says Liam's allergies separate hime from the rest of the household.

"It's sad because he cries a lot to me and to his dad because he doesn;t get to go with daddy all the time," says Kayle.

Allergy shots were too painful, and Liam couldn't keep drops under his tongue long enough to be effective. Prescription and over-the-counter products weren't working either.

So the University of Missouri health care gave him a custom-mixed toothpaste.

"What it does is the same thing that allergy shots and allergy drops do - it is a way to develop tolerance for what you are allergic to, says Dr. Christine Franzese.

"Everybody brushes their teeth - you generally are supposed to brush them twice a day, to that is easy to fit into your life," add Dr. Franzese.

Liam is already getting some relief, though it may take 3 to 5 years for his immune system to build up full tolerance.

His mom hopes he'll be able to join his dad and brother out on the farm soon.

"it's all about farming and doing it together and getting things done as a family. I want Liam to be part of that," says Kayle.

Allerdent toothpaste is available through a few doctors.

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