Art of Aging: "Anyone Can Dance"

Thursday, January 26, 2017 12:54PM
A Philadelphia senior is on a mission to prove that anyone can dance.

PHILADELPHIA - A Philadelphia senior is on a mission to prove that anyone can dance.

Judith Sachs has been dancing all of her life.

And at age 70, with 2 hip replacements under her belt, she understands you have to keep it moving.
Judith Sachs, Founder and Director, "Anyone Can Dance"

She says, "Even on days when you wake up feeling like you're 94, you have to just start from 'I got up and walked yesterday, I'm going to get up and walk today.'"

But she also realizes the need to adapt with age, so she created a chair-based fitness class for seniors and those in wheelchairs and walkers.

It's based on a program for Parkinson's patients and it's called 'Anyone Can Dance.'

"The first response I get to "Anyone Can dance" is 'Not me!'" said Judith.

But, she says, skeptics are quickly converted.

Paula Ninerell of Society Hill said, "You can do actual steps to music and not feel as if you were a klutz."

"They are kind of astounded at the self-confidence they develop about their body," Judith adds.

Judith says the group classes provide a host of benefits from the physical to the spiritual and emotional.

Joy Bannett of Rittenhouse Square said, "I just love it. I mean when I hear music I want to move."

She hopes her students develop a love of daily movement.

Valda Branison of Southwest Philadelphia said, "I can definitely appreciate the idea of having fun and moving at the same time."

Virginia Nalencz of Center City believes, "If you don't do it, you will find one bright day or not so bright day that you're not able to do it."

And she wants them to realize that anyone truly can dance.

Judith adds, "It doesn't matter whether they're coming in a wheelchair, or a walker, or on their feet. It's just so important that we don't sit here."

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