Art of Aging: Tips for staying on the job

Thursday, January 19, 2017 01:19PM
Seniors are staying on the job longer, and there are tips to help you endure.

Seniors are staying on the job longer, and there are tips to help you endure.

Barbara Demeno's 65th birthday has come and gone, but she's still on the job.

The Giant Deli associate says, "I'm the cheese expert."

And after Greg Falatek retired from teaching, he became a pharmacy technician.

They play vital roles at the Giant market in Conshohocken, and in the US labor force.

Today, one in 5 workers is over 65, and the number is growing.

Older workers are valued for their experience in problem-solving, reliability, and strong work ethic.

Michelle McCandless, a Main Line Health physical therapist, says to extend your years, work smart.

"Gently pull your belly button towards your back," she said.

McCandless says it starts with keeping your core muscles engaged to less strain on your back.

She's got another back-saver tip for moving objects.

Instead of reaching out, or twisting, McCandless says, "Come close to the object, bend at your waist, stand up, turn, and
put it back down."

For those standing a lot on the job, put one foot up for a few minutes to reduce back strain then switch feet.

Anyone in an office, or at a desk, should keep an eye on their back and leg alignment.

McCandless says, "Make sure your hips and knees are at a 90-degree angle."

And keep moving about every 20 to 30 minutes.

"Shifting your weight a little bit, maybe crossing one leg over top the other to stretch out the hips," said McCandless.

Both Falatek and Demeeno say they take care of themselves, so they can keep getting the rewards from their jobs.

"You feel like you're doing something worthwhile," said Falatek.

And Demeeno says, "I think the people keep you young and healthy."

"I'll stay as long as they want me, as long as I have this up here," she said. (Points to head).
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