Combine running with group fitness at Incline Running

Friday, March 03, 2017 05:36PM
A new studio in Haverford, Pa. is combining running with group fitness.

HAVERFORD, Pa. - A new studio in Haverford, Pa. is combining running with group fitness.

At Incline Running, you can work out with friends, even if you run faster or slower than them.

And it will push you to work harder!

It's a high-energy group fitness class, focused on running, with instructor Ana Costa keeping us motivated.

I took the "hills" class but there's also a distance program, a few walking classes and - owner Joshua Hirshey says - the most popular is the "run one" class.

"It's a high-intensity interval training class, which has sprints and hills and so you're interval training going back and forth," he said.

And it's the intervals that make this indoor running class different, and more challenging, than what you might do on your own outside.

"So getting your heart rate up and then back down, that's going to get you in much better shape quicker than if you just go for an easy long run," he said.

Marny Baxt says it helped her get back in shape.

"I needed a jump start coming out of the winter. I had taken a break from running and I love the fact it gets me back up to my pace but also I can take my time," Baxt said.

Most classes also incorporate some strength training to break things up.

And the hills class adds a dynamic mode, meaning you're pushing the treadmill. Some equate it to pushing a football sled.

"It was really tough, and I like that because to me that's not running, that's core training because I think it works the whole body."

Hirshey also says the special treadmills have more give, making it easier on the joints.
And classes are for all levels.

"We tell people if you need to back off, back off and if you need to go a little faster then you can do that as well."

Most classes are 45 minutes. The cost ranges from $20 to $28.

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