Allentown woman's weight loss story featured in People

Monday, January 16, 2017 07:01PM
A woman in Allentown is featured in People magazine for her extraordinary weight loss.

PHILADELPHIA - A woman in Allentown is featured in People magazine for her extraordinary weight loss.

She lost 133 pounds and has kept the weight off.

For 49-year-old Joanne Raymond, the third time was a charm.

She had lost 100 pounds twice before, but quickly gained it back.

This time, it's different.

She's gone from wearing size 24 pants to size two, and has kept the weight off for almost two years.

Raymond is one of six featured in People's "Half their Size" issue.

She tells Action News, she feels like a new person.

"Amazing, amazing. I get up every morning with an abundance of energy, amazing difference," Raymond said.

In the past, she says years of yo-yo dieting lead to losing weight then gaining it all back and then some.

"This time, I sort of learned from my mistakes and combined all the good things and the proper way of doing it," Raymond said.

That meant eating healthy, lots of vegetables, lean protein and healthy carbohydrates.

She logs everything in the My Fitness Pal app.

She also exercises in moderation.

And even enjoys sweet treats once in a while.

Losing 133 pounds gained her attention.

First of her local paper, "The Morning Call" and then of People magazine.

She spent the day in New York for a makeover and photo shoot.

Now she shares her story, hoping it'll help others trying to lose weight.

"Don't give up on yourself. I know what it's like to sit there and think 'I just can't do this, I have so much to lose, I don't even want to start.' The key is starting," Raymond said.

She says focus on small changes. Over time, they will add up to big results.

It took her 11 months to lose 100 pounds, then she kept going until she reached her ideal, healthy weight.

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