Evesham Twp. police seek man who performed lewd act

Friday, February 24, 2017 05:40PM
Police in Burlington County are searching for a man who they say performed a lewd act in front of women.

EVESHAM TWP., N.J. - The search is on in south Jersey for a man who, police say, is performing lewd acts in public.

So far he's been spotted seven times.

Greg Regan of Marlton was walking in the woods at Kings Grant in Evesham Twp. with his 3-year-old on Friday morning when he surprised a man dressed in a black hoodie and cargo pants.

"I yelled to my son 'get over here,' and I guess he thought I was somebody trying to come and get him. He just took off running as fast as he possibly could," Regan said.

It may be the same man who has been performing lewd acts in the Kings Grant area. Police released a sketch of the suspect earlier Friday.

Police say there have been at least seven incidents since June, typically in the afternoon during warm weather.

"He has been approaching females that have been walking or jogging, and this subject has proceeded to pull down his pants and masturbate in front of the females," said Chief Christopher Chew.

On Thursday afternoon he did it near some trees at the intersection of Kings Grant and Woodlake Drive, then ran into the woods.

Police used dogs to try to track him along the trails that run through the development, but had no luck.

"It's just a beautiful place to live and it's so nice here, and just to think there's a weirdo like that lurking around is kind of creepy," said Heather Ridgeway.

"I think it's disgusting. I don't like it in the neighborhood but it will get dealt with soon enough," said Desmond Jackson.

The area is filled with children, and parents are on alert.

"Worried about the kids out here because my son is 17. I'm not worried about him, but these other kids that play out here. This is supposed to be a safe neighborhood but this can happen anywhere," said Mark Bannerman.

"There's all kinds of weirdos today and this world just scares me, it really does," said Patty Harrington.

The suspect is described as a thinly built white male in his 20's with what's described as a "ghostly pale" complexion.

"I don't want this man to go any further than what he's been doing. It seems like now if he's out at 10 a.m. he's getting too comfortable," said Regan.

Police think he may live in the Kings Grant area, because he seems to have a knowledge of the trails, disappearing into the woods every time someone calls 911.

If you have any information, you're asked to call Evesham Township police.

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