High winds tear down new townhomes in Warrington

Monday, February 13, 2017 06:30PM
New Warrington homes were damaged by the high winds Monday.

WARRINGTON, Pa. - Monday's high winds tore apart a pair of townhouses being constructed in Warrington, Bucks County.

At least two workers were on the roof when the structures plunged to the ground. They were not injured.

"I just drove by here, maybe about a half an hour before it happened. I noticed the signs were really blowing. The stop signs were twisted almost 180 degrees around," neighbor Dave Doty said.

It was a just before 1:30 p.m. when the two interior units of a four unit structure under construction buckled under the force of wind gusts, which at times reached 50 mph.

Construction officials say their concern now hinges on the integrity of the two units that remain.

Inspectors will now work to determine if rebuilding the crumpled units is a viable option or if they will have to tear down the rest of it and start from scratch.

Lee Greenberg, the Director of Emergency Services for Warrington Township, says the amazing part is that no one was injured.

"There were a few workers working on the roof. They rode the collapse down. There were no injuries and no entrapment," Greenberg said.
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