Teacher helps Airman surprise 7-year-old son in Collegeville

Thursday, March 16, 2017 07:51PM
In Collegeville on Thursday, it was the surprise of a lifetime in the young life of a 7-year-old boy, thanks to his Airman dad.

COLLEGEVILLE, Pa. - In an empty classroom at Arrowhead Elementary School on Thursday, Air Force Major John Salotti and 2nd-grade teacher Adrienne Keffer started to iron out the details of a surprise for his unsuspecting son, Owen.

He was at lunch just down the hall.

Major Salotti just returned from duty in Kuwait and hasn't seen him in over four months.

The class had only been told that a "mystery reader" was stopping by.

"I would like to introduce the mystery reader and his name is Major Salloti," said Keffer.

It was a surprise Owen says he didn't see coming.

"I thought it would be my grandparents," he said.

After the heartwarming reunion, the C-130 pilot took some questions and read a book.

All the while, Owen bashfully smiled from ear to ear.

For Owen, the emotion-filled day wasn't over yet though.

It was also his last day at Arrowhead Elementary.

He's been staying with his grandparents in Collegeville, during his dad's deployment, and will now return home to Montana.

"So overwhelmed. Happy, but I know that we're getting to the end of our time with the boys," said grandmother Jackie Salotti.

"I love this little boy. He's very special, he's bright. He brightens up a room. He's very thoughtful and kind," said Keffer.

Owen has had a whirlwind of a day. He's said goodbye to his friends Thursday, and is meeting his new classmates in Montana on Monday, but he and his dad promise to keep in touch.

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