Memphis Zoo introduces baby giraffe 'Bogey'

Tuesday, April 11, 2017 02:04PM
Bogey the giraffe was born April 3.

Get ready for this little guy to steal your heart.

Meet Bogey, a baby giraffe who was born at the Memphis Zoo on April 3. He is not yet on exhibit, but he has already posed for some adorable photos.

He is named for a zookeeper who passed away recently, Steve Bogarty.

Because this is her first baby, Akili "did not provide appropriate maternal behavior," the zoo explained in a press release. Zookeepers have been hand-rearing Bogey. They said it's going well.

"Our team has worked tirelessly around the clock to give him the best care available," said Matt Thompson, Director of Animal Programs. "He's already made great strides. We hope to have him on exhibit in the coming weeks."

Reticulated giraffes like Akili are typically pregnant for about 15 months. Learn more fun facts about giraffes in the video below.

Fun facts about giraffes!
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