Revisiting gun control, mental health after Parkland School Shooting

Tuesday, February 20, 2018 12:50PM
The panel examines the country's ongoing gun debate and how to better address mental health.

Host Monica Malpass and the Insiders touch on the tragic school shooting in Florida and discuss gun control, reporting threats and how mental illness is treated in this country.

They discuss the latest news on redrawing the Pa. congressional map after Gov. Wolf Vetoes the GOP effort.
Inside Story Pt. 2: Meek Mill update, Pros & Cons of Charter Schools

Plus Senator Toomey calling out Philadelphia as a sanctuary city in his immigration debate in Washington, the first medical marijuana dispensaries open up in Pa., an update on the Meek Mill Case and will NJ Governor Phil Murphy slow the charter school progression in New Jersey?
Inside Story Pt. 3: Stories of the week

This week's Insiders are G. Terry Madonna, Ed Turzanski, Donna Gentile O'Donnell and Jan Ting. Catch the Inside Story, Sundays at 11:30 am and anytime on
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