Earth Day - When Students Become The Teachers

Friday, April 21, 2017 05:36PM
Students at Hallahan High School use Earth Day to teach about the environment.

Earth Day is a carnival at the Hallahan High School in Center City, Philadelphia.

Members of the Science Club and students in the environmental class held their annual Earth Day Carnival in the school's gym.

Students running the event said that they often find their peers are misinformed about issues that impact their daily lives, like recycling, clean water, water usage, and the value of working for a sustainable environment.

They grew plants, used old newspapers to design arts and crafts - including a woman's dress - and used every exhibit to teach their classmates and teachers a lesson about the environment. The girls also made the lessons fun, adding games, athletics and trivia to the displays.

Organizers of the carnival believe "education empowers everyone with knowledge to act responsibly to sustain our planet."
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