Northeast Philly actress plays her mom in life-inspired episode of 'The Goldbergs'

Wednesday, November 18, 2020
Wednesday night's episode of the Goldbergs guest stars an actress from Northeast Philadelphia.

As they often do on the show, the storyline is based on real-life events.

Adam Goldberg famously includes local people and places from his childhood on the show.

Wednesday night, Brea Bee, born and raised in Northeast Philadelphia, plays her mom in an episode about her own high school romance.

In high school, Bee dated Goldberg.

"It's so crazy to think that all these years later, this little high school-aged romance ends up in a television show," she laughs.

Bee plays her divorced mother Vicki.

"To be able to play my mom and have a scene with the girl that plays little me, I was thinking, 'What dimension am I living in right now?'" she said.

It all started with a high school show.

"I went to Little Flower High School and Adam went to Penn Charter and we met in a production of Brighton Beach Memoirs and just had this little theater teenage romance," Bee says.

"Adam still has a few copies of the letters that he and I wrote to each other in that time. We were very, very dramatic. We were just almost crying with how silly and ridiculous and over the top we were, and you will see that in this episode," added Bee.

As for playing her own mom?

"Playing my actual mother on the television show with her real name was probably the strangest thing that's ever happened to me career-wise, I think it's safe to say," Bee says.
"Of course she is just completely over the moon. There's nothing else I can think of as special as this."

The Goldbergs airs at 8 p.m. on 6abc.
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