Days before spring, frigid temps in Philadelphia

Sunday, March 12, 2017 06:50AM
Saturday's biting cold will likely leave many Philadelphians dreaming of this week's warmer weather.

PHILADELPHIA - This weekend's biting cold will likely leave many in our area dreaming of the warmer temperatures we experienced just a short time ago.

"I loved it. I need that weather back," said Nikhil Krishnan of University City.

He says, for him, either it's cold and snowy or there's simply no point.

"I hate snow when it's not cancelling my exams," said Krishnan.

But a father and daughter, both from Boston, insist that things could be worse.

"It's a lot colder. This feels almost tropical compared to Boston," said Allison Peter.

Tom Carr, also from Massachusetts, shared the same optimism on Saturday.

"It's warmed up a little bit since I was here this morning, because right here was a wicked patch of ice," said Carr.

It was Suzanna Urminska's son who brought her out into the cold, but for good reason. Winds made for decent kite flying weather.

"We just got back from the Art Museum after feeding the ducks down here by the river, and just enjoying the beautiful day," said Urminska of Center City.

And though the frigid temps quickly withered away any signs of spring life outside, inside the Convention Center was a glimpse of what's ahead at the Flower Show.

"This just makes me so excited because I love the smells of all the flowers and it's exciting. Spring fever," said an attendee.

And the added bonus of reprieve from the cold.

"The only reason we came today is because my husband knew it was inside. If it was going to be outside, we would have never done this today," said Kearen Barsoun of Reading.

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