In Puerto Rico, lines at gas stations that don't have gas.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017 04:44PM
Reporter Amanda Ramirez, from our partner Univision, reports on the lines of people waiting for gasoline.

Guaynabo, Puerto Rico - Even when there is no gasoline at a station, the lines form and they stay.

Reporter Amanda Ramierz from our partner Univision was at a gas station in Guaynabo, and even though the pumps were dry, the people waited.

The station owners have said gasoline is on the way, and that is enough to keep the people here. They need the gasoline, not to drive, but to run their generators. There is no electricity, and there is no word when the electricity will be back.

Island officials say there is enough gasoline to supply Puerto Rico's needs for 15 days. The problem is with its distribution. Many gas stations are damaged, as are the trucks that deliver the gas, and the roads those trucks use.
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