Saving with 6abc: organizes coupon codes

Like most thrifty shoppers, medical student Jillian Nickerson likes to maximize her savings by using coupon codes when she shops online.

But she's found that online searches often return codes that are expired or don't work. That's why she started using

Nickerson explains, " is a website that organizes coupons. So, you can think of it as the Kayak of coupons. It's a search engine where you can find the best deals for any sort of thing you want to buy online."

You can search Chippmunk for specific retailers, or for types of items, for example, women's clothing. Chippmunk displays the available offers and then directs you to the retailer site in another window. And the coupons are all verified.

"It's really nice to know that I'm going to a reputable source, where every single time, the coupons work," Nicker says. She adds, "I've never had an experience with where a coupon doesn't work."

You can also get coupon alerts by email.

Nickerson says, "They have a service where you can sign up for a weekly email, so it's not a daily email -- those drive me crazy -- and you can customize it to the types of retailers or the types of things that you like to buy."

Nickerson says, for her, Chippmunk has really paid off. "I would say I save anywhere from 15%-50% on pretty much anything I buy."

To check out, click here.

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