What's the Deal: Easing your dog's anxiety during fireworks

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Loud fireworks can cause a lot of anxiety in dogs, but there are some things you can do to help relieve them of that stress and keep them calm.

"It's a time filled with a lot of noise that they can't evade. And it's something that they can't understand what's going on, or how long it's going to be going on for," said Dr. Kati Tumielewicz of Metropolitan Veterinary Associates.

Dr. Tumielewicz said there are a few things you can do to ease your pup's plight.

"The first thing that I suggest to owners is, obviously, we want to try and make it a calm and positive experience," she said.

She suggested using treats or special toys to divert their attention. And if they feel safe in a crate, use that during the fireworks.

She also said pressure wraps can provide a calming effect. And as a last resort turn to medication.

"If you're seeing that the pet is doing harm to themselves or others, then that would be a time where I'd say go directly to medications," she said.

Also be aware, more dogs go missing on the fourth of July than any other time of year.

"Very often times, dogs can get loose from their owners, slip their lead, there's still that same risk when a pet is in the household that they're going to book it out through a door," she said.

Also make sure you walk your dogs before a fireworks display is set to go off that way they can do their business while it's still quiet.

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