Men's night out at KOP

December 20, 2007 8:47:14 PM PST
The term "men's night out" may conjure up certain less than savory images, and definitely not what was going on Thursday night at the King of Prussia Mall. This was all about Christmas shopping. The National Retail Federation says 1 in 5 men have not even started shopping. Men's Shopping Night is intended to get us to enjoy shopping. How? A couple of beers and some snacks sure do go a long way.

This is the 3rd annual men's shopping night at King of Prussia, and already it's become a tradition for Dave Grube. "I'm not much of shopper. This gives an added incentive. This is a tradition that I started with my brother a couple of years ago. Some time to spend with him near the holidays," said Grube.

For some men shopping can be intimidating. It can be a downright a bore for others. But the King of Prussia Mall is trying to change that thinking. Fidelity Investments set up a lounge, put out a spread, and began pouring beer, wine, and cocktails.

Mike Reid liked what he saw. "I thought, 'Ah shoot. Get some shopping done have a few drinks.'"

Over 2-dozen stores participated in Men's Shopping Night, and while some men like the booze, there are other incentives.

Christine Williams of Lilly Pulitzer tells us, "We're going to be doing free gift-wrapping, personal shopping, free beer of course. The only thing we need is the football. But it should be a fun night."