Christmas shopping comes to a close

December 24, 2007 8:54:38 PM PST
Last minute shopping did not stop people from getting their families what they wanted for Christmas. With only hours to go until Christmas, shoppers at K-mart in South Philadelphia were all on a mission to beat the 10 o'clock deadline.

Some people came out with carts full of gifts.

"We're last minute shoppers. We were out all day, hitting the mall today. I'm so tired," Jimmy Zerambo of South Philadelphia said.

From jewelry to bicycles, everyone tried buy everything on their list.

Rachel Chandler bought a Dora the Explorer toy for one of her 25 grandchildren.

"I already bought her something but I gave it her already, so I had to get something else," Chandler said.

Some shoppers just needed the essentials.

"I'm just getting a couple of boxes and gift wrap," Karima Adkins of Eastwick said.

The Radio Shack a few stores away was also doing brisk business until their closing time at 7 o'clock.

Customers were stocking up on last-minute gadgets and accessories.

Eric Bradley didn't want to disappoint his little ones.

"You have to have a camera to see their faces light up, so it's worth it. They told me I had a few minutes. I was driving through stop signs, lord forgive me, I did," Bradley said.