Inside the fridge

January 4, 2008 3:29:43 AM PST
You are what you eat. Whether you believe that or not, a website called lets you into the kitchens and stomachs of thousands of people worldwide.

This blog revolves around pictures of people's fridges. Some have nothing but organic, pricey products. Others are limited to a few leftovers and a bottle of ketchup.

Physics Fun

If you're up for something a bit more stimulating than fridge stalking, we have a great intellectual site for you.

He is one of MIT's premiere physics professors and Walter Lewin is making waves on the Internet at the tender age of 71.

The University has been providing the world with free lectures through its Opencourseware program.

Lewin has been the number one downloaded lecture on iTunes, enlightening thousands who wish to understand the intracacies of physics.

You can find his videos on iTunes and by visting MIT's Opencourseware website.

Thank You Troops Xerox has sponsored a really great program on

The site allows you to thanks our troops free of charge through personalized postcards designed by kids.

It's great because you pick a design then you can either pick a pre-written message and sign it or create your own message.

Animator vs. Animation

Eighteen-year-old Ohio native Alan Becker has a problem. He is at war with a stick figure.

Becker created a short film called Animator vs. Animation on

The stick figure refuses to die and uses everything at his disposal, including elements from the Windows desktop in an effort to survive.