Street closings for Mummers

January 1, 2008 3:50:41 AM PST
Some Philadelphia streets will be closed for festivities surrounding the Mummers' parade and performances.

  • Ben Franklin Parkway closed between 16th and 20th
  • Broad Street closed between Packer & Washington
  • 13th Street closed between Bigler & Oregon
  • 15th Street closed between Bigler & Oregon
  • Bigler Street closed between 13th & 15th
  • South Penn Square closed between Broad and 15th
  • 15th Street closed between Arch Street & JFK Boulevard
  • 16th Street closed between Arch & Chestnut
  • 17th Street closed between Chestnut & Arch
  • Broad Street closed between Race Street & JFK Boulevard
  • Broad Street closed all the way to City Hall

The Mummers are set to perform at the following places:

Comic Division: Lines up on Broad Street between Washington and Snyder Avenues, and on Washington Avenue between 13th and Broad Streets.

Fancy Division: Lines up on Broad Street between Snyder Avenue and Porter Street. Steps off from Broad & Snyder

String Bands: Line up on Bigler Street between 13th & 15th Streets; 13th and 15th Streets between Bigler Street and Oregon Avenue; and on Broad Street between Pollock Street and Oregon Avenue. Steps off from Broad & Oregon.

Fancy Brigades: Line up at Broad and Oregon. Step off and march north up Broad to Washington Avenue. Live shows: Pennsylvania Convention Center at Noon and 5:00 p.m.