Looking to take the cheese out of Wisconsin

January 3, 2008 4:47:10 AM PST
America's Dairyland wants you to know it's not just full of cheeseheads - and it's taking the mission seriously.

State lawmakers and the Department of Tourism are trying to come up with a new "brand" to explain why they think Wisconsin is a good place to visit, live and do business.

"We are the Green Bay Packers. We are a great agricultural state. We are America's Dairyland," said Rep. Steve Wieckert, a Republican from Appleton. "But we are more than that."

Said Linda Gorchels, a marketing expert at the University of Wisconsin-Madison: "There are certain stereotypes that people have about Wisconsin, and it's very, very difficult to change those stereotypes. Nothing is going to happen very quickly."

Past slogans used in advertising campaigns have included "Wisconsin, life's so good." The state quarter includes a cow, a piece of cheese and corn. A state program allows companies to market under the slogan "Something Special From Wisconsin."