Mayor Nutter: "They know we're looking for them"

February 29, 2008 1:49:33 PM PST
Philadelphia's new mayor and top cop have turned to you, the public for help in fighting violent crime on city streets. Today, they released a book of bad guys and are putting it on the city's website. They are all wanted by police, most for multiple crimes. The Mayor Michael Nutter says the city has a roughly 72 percent rate of repeat offenders. Nutter and Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey say citizens can help out by checking out the list and keeping an eye open out in the neighborhood.

"To call in and say hey, I saw this guy about a half hour ago he was in a store somewhere," Nutter said. "That kind of information is very important. WE can't be everywhere but the public IS everywhere."

And Nutter said it is not that strange to find a suspect back in the neighborhood where he lives and committed his crime.

"Some of them quite frankly do go back to where they live," Nutter said. "Cause they don't have a lot of places to hang out. They know we are looking for them."

While there are rewards offered by the Citizens Crime Commission on some suspects, the mayor said the real reward here in a safer city The mayor condemned the "don't snitch" mentality of some people. I want to start a different one: Start telling," he said.

There are 166 pictures of 150 suspects - divided into the districts where the crimes were committed. Their last known addresses are also included.

No one should approach any of the suspects. They are considered armed and dangerous.