Nutter, Ramsey take aim at crime

January 7, 2008 2:28:22 PM PST
With his daughter holding a bible, Michael Nutter took the oath of office in front of a packed crowd at the Academy of Music today? and that was the start to a whirlwind day. During his inaugural address the new mayor discussed high school drop outs and honest government, but it was his talk about crime that got the most attention, pledging to lower the murder rate by 50-percent.

"We are going to change the mentality of those who think it is OK to run our streets with illegal weapons and use that at random whenever they want. Today, today, enough is enough," said Mayor Nutter.

At the academy of Music Nutter was interrupted several times by thunderous applause as he sent a clear message to citizens weary of street crime.

Nutter roused the crowd by saying, "To the law abiding citizens of Philadelphia I say that WE are the great majority. And to the law breakers, YOU are in the small minority. This is our city, and we're taking it back, everyday, every block, every neighborhood, everywhere in Philadelphia. Because I've had enough, and I'm not playing around about it."

Later after walking from the academy to City Hall the new mayor witnessed the swearing in of his hand-picked police commissioner Charles Ramsey. Nutter then signed executive order number one declaring a crime emergency.

Nutter is pledging to cut the murder rate by half. Ramsey, who oversaw a significant drop in crime in Washington DC says he is up to the challenge.

As for conditions here, Ramsey said, "I mean, they are what they are. I wouldn't have taken it if it weren't a challenge. I mean I wasn't looking for Mayberry, U.S.A., I mean I was looking for something that had a little bite to it. That's what I've done all of my life. I've never taken easy assignments. In Chicago, Washington DC, and now Philadelphia."

Under the executive order signed today Ramsey has 21 days to get back to Nutter with a specific game plan.

As for tonight for this administration, the order of business is the inaugural celebration.