Dim bulbs involved in this mass mailing of light bulbs

January 8, 2008 8:27:30 AM PST
Postal workers think some dim bulbs were involved in the mass mailing of light bulbs. Small-town post offices in western Maryland were deluged with compact fluorescent light bulbs during the peak holiday season. More than 200,000 customers of Allegheny Power were sent two-bulb packages of energy-saving compact fluorescent lights. They were supposed to arrive by late November. But the power company says a supplier glitch delayed the shipment. Jay Jones, the customer service supervisor at the post office in Hagerstown, says his people had to individually scan more than 30,000 boxes of bulbs, and it took extra trips to deliver them. Postal workers in another town had to change all the addresses on the labels to box numbers. Utility company spokesman Todd Meyers says Allegheny Power has learned some valuable lessons from the light promotion.