The Murder of Joseph Torres

North Philadelphia: January 10, 2008

36-year-old Joseph Torres was a chef whose family has lived in the 43-hundred block of North 6th street for over 35 years.

Nicknamed "Papo", Joseph had a teenage son with autism and cared for his aging mother.

"He was the backbone to this family," said Sonia Torres-Johnson, Joseph's sister.

At 12:30 Sunday morning on October 28th he left his mother's house and went to the "Latin Room" bar in the 41-hundred block of North 8th street.

An act his sister said is puzzling to the family.

"He didn't really go out he wasn't a partying person."

Witnesses said a man walked up to Joseph at the bar and said Joseph owed him ten dollars.

"My brother said he didn't have it, that he gets paid on Monday."

At that point, Joseph left the bar.

"Supposedly this individual followed my brother all the way to the outside and shot my brother in the head," said Sonia tearfully.

Police said a car radio was found near Joseph's body, which bar patrons said he had with him inside.

Police are looking for witnesses to the shooting or anyone that can lead them to Joseph's killer. The family has put together a five-thousand dollar reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible.

"We'd love those people to come forward those citizens to come forward and not allow this to happen in your neighborhood."

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