Rising violence concerns Millville residents

January 17, 2008 6:20:22 PM PST
Millville has a population of about 22,000. It is not a big city, but many say it has a big problem with gangs and far too many guns. Surveillance video taken on New Year's morning shows a man shooting at a car. Apparently no one was hit. Since January 1, Millville police say there have been at least six reported incidents of gunfire.

Pastor David Ennis lost his 42-year-old brother to a gunshot in 2006, he says, for no good reason. Tired of the gunfire, Pastor Ennis was hosting a concerned citizens meeting Thursday night with numerous law enforcement officials. Like so many in the 44-square mile town, Ennis believes Millville has a gang problem.

Mayor James Quinn says 10 more police officers are being added to the force, and he wants dozens of more surveillance cameras to supplement the 8 in use now.

The mayor also wants to offer rewards thru Crime Stoppers of Millville to try to get people to give up information.