Rooftop message for FAA

January 23, 2008 3:56:32 PM PST
It's been a noisy nightmare for some residents in Delaware County, who've had to deal with commercial airliners flying over their homes.Thousands of people flying out of Philadelphia International Airport just might get a glimpse of a message for the FAA on the Ridley Township home of Mike Hall

Hall wants the agency to know what he thinks about recent changes in flight patterns that bring jets closer to his neighborhood with a message on his roof.

"I think other people should pick up on it and start trying to do something. I know the township is trying to fight them," Anne Hall, Mike's mother, said.

The new flight patterns went into effect in December and the FAA says they will help reduce flight delays in the region. The changes, though, mean more residents in Delaware County, Pennsylvania and Gloucester County, New Jersey are living with jet engine noise.

The planes don't always fly over this neighborhood, but when they do, neighbors say they're loud. Jim Forgach, however, who lives next door to the message house, says the air traffic doesn't really bother him.

"There's probably nothing we can do about because they're going to do what they want to do," Forgach said.

The new patterns are still being challenged by some government officials and, in the meantime, at least one local resident is shouting his displeasure from the roof top. The FAA has no comment.