School officials react to girl brawl

STRAWBERRY MANSION - January 18, 2008

Home video of a girl fight at Strawberry Mansion high school has been circulating on the popular Internet site, you tube, since mid-December. The video shows gangs of girls going after each other as a camera records inside the cafeteria.

Action News first asked top school district officials about the you tube video on Tuesday. It was the first time they learned that a fight had happened inside Strawberry Mansion high.

"I learned about it from Action News quite honestly from the you tube footage that was aired on Action News," said James Golden.

But, policy requires administrators at the schools to report such serious incidents to district headquarters immediately.

"In this case that did not happen," said Golden.

Strawberry Mansion administrators did take disciplinary action against the students involved: three 10-th grade girls and one 9th grade girl were suspended following the December 12th fight. Two of the girls have been since transferred to a disciplinary school. But that only showed up in a report to district officials on Thursday. Why weren't they notified sooner?

"I think that's the pertinent question why not? I'm at a loss quite frankly in terms of why a principal or administrator would not report those incidents."

School district officials said they are disturbed by what they saw in the video, and that administrators at Strawberry Mansion High could be facing severe disciplinary action.

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