The Debate: As Voters See It

April 16, 2008 8:11:08 PM PDT
You can see how undecided voters respond to the candidates LIVE during Wednesday's debate.

Action News and will stream the debate between Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama at the National Constitution Center, but only here and for the first time will you be able to see how undecided voters are reacting.

Action News, working with The Research Intelligence Group of Bala Cynwyd (TRIG), selected a group of undecided voters that will be monitored as they watch the debate between the two Democratic candidates.

Each panelist will hold a wireless dial set in the middle to about 50. As the audience members listen to the candidates' answers, they'll dial up toward 100 if they like what they hear or down toward 0, if they have a negative response.

"The whole time, once per second, the system will graph a line on top of a chart that they won't see, but we'll be able to tell if they thought it was a good answer or not because it will average all of their readings from all of their dials and plot that in real time second by second as they give those responses," explained TRIG consultant Bruce Beal.

Each member of the focus group will also answer questions before and after the debate, including who they think won the debate and if the primary election were held today for whom would they vote.

The Debate: As Voters See It starts at 8:00 Wednesday night only on!