Police search for rec center gunman

January 19, 2008 8:54:44 PM PST
Detectives are trying to find the gunman who walked into a basketball gym full of spectators last night and executed a teenager. Shawn Porter complains that the Martin Luther King Recreation Center had limited hours Saturday in the wake of last night's gangster-style killing in the gymnasium during a community basketball game. There were dozens of potential witnesses there but so far police sources tell action news all are claiming not to have seen a thing.

Witnesses told police there were 80 to 100 young people in the stands watching a scheduled under-16 league game when a male walked in off the street, suddenly pulled a handgun and fired twice, killing 16-year-old Charles Trotman.

Trotman, who lived nearby on Thompson Street, was hit in the chest and the knee. He was a student at the city's Boone School where teens with a history of behavior problems are regularly sent.

The King Center reopened briefly this morning then shutdown before noon, sending many away disappointed - reflecting on the life and violence in these mean streets.

The center will be closed on Sunday according to recreation department authorities. But it will be open on Monday when various activities are scheduled on the Martin Luther King holiday.

The police search for Charles Trotman's killer continues.