Flood cancels schoolday

January 22, 2008 4:21:58 PM PST
Crews were cleaning up after a pipe burst at Daniel Boone High School. Hours before classes started for the day on Tuesday at Daniel Boone High School in Birdsboro, Berks County a four-inch water main on the second floor burst.

As a result, an entire section of the building was under water when faculty members arrived this morning.

The first floor was covered with saturated ceiling tiles that crumbled to the ground and thousands of dollars worth of equipment, including the contents of a computer lab, were damaged or destroyed.

When we first walked in it was pretty devastating. My classroom was one of the ones that was hardest hit," Anita Krestel said.

Parents were quickly notified that classes were cancelled for the day and private clean-up crews spent the day picking up the mess.

School officials feel confident that classes will resume, as normal, Wednesday. That came as bad news to members of the Boone High School Wrestling Team who still had to show up Tuesday afternoon for practice.

"I was kind of disappointed; I wanted the whole day off, but we have wrestling practice because we have a big match tomorrow, so, at least we got the day off," Boone High School wrestler Cory Zepp said.