The latest from LOST online

January 23, 2008 9:00:40 PM PST
Next week it will finally be here. The 4th season of LOST. In preparation for all the speculation on the premise of the hit mystery series, we have a pair of websites that gives the show an interactive is a mock homepage for the fictional airline from the LOST series. Type it in and it directs you to That's the number of the flight that crashed on the series LOST. On the site, you'll meet Sam, a man trying to reunite with his flight attendant girlfriend. You play the interactive game to get to the bottom of the so-called conspiracy surrounding 815's disappearance.


We have seen countless journalists risk their lives to bring us the stories from the war-zone. According to the U.S. military Michael Yon has spent more time embedded with troops in Iraq than any other reporter. On his website, he gives unfiltered documentation of brutality of the frontlines. His raw accounts of the war has earned him accolades from our troops and his fellow journalists.


Have you never noticed the slew of pharmaceutical commercials on TV? Have you ever thought they were unintentionally comical? allows you to make your own spoof on everything from Viagra to Ambien. When you go to the website, you pick from a storyboard of different afflictions and symptoms. The website automatically generates your choices into a spoof ad. Just a warning, this website has humor better suited for adults.

READING RESOURCES is a site of interactive games, story books and resources designed to help kids learn to read. The site has a host of fun characters, and can be used both in and out of the classroom.