N.J. considers keg tagging

January 27, 2008 5:51:00 AM PST
Renewed efforts to curtail teen drinking in New Jersey.

Activists are pushing for a state law that would set up a system linking beer kegs to the people who bought them. That comes after a New Jersey official's advisory that local efforts to do the same were unenforceable.

Bills are being reintroduced in the Legislature that would require stores that rent or sell beer kegs to affix metal cylinders with tags including the name and address of the purchaser.

The idea is that if minors are found drinking from a keg, authorities would know who to charge with providing alcohol to minors.

A dozen other states already require keg tagging, and about a dozen New Jersey towns also have such ordinances.

But efforts to get more towns to adopt them ended when the state advisory was issued.