A growing concern

July 11, 2008 8:51:36 PM PDT
One Supermarket is giving over it's parking lot twice a week to local food growers. Whole Foods holds a "farmer's market" in front of it's Devon store on Tuesdays and Sundays to remind people that buying locally grown produce and foods saves money and fuel, which anybody who has to pay the diesel bill to truck lima beans from California already knows.

Many of the growers have farms that are so small, it would be impractical to have a formal "supplier" contract with a retailer, so they just come here and sell what they have to the consumer directly.

Sure, you won't be able to buy kiwis or strawberries in January, but the stuff you CAN get is a whole lot fresher and better tasting than some snap peas that were picked in Oregon 2 weeks ago.

For more information, contact Charlene Nolan at Whole Foods, 821 Lancaster Ave, Wayne, PA 19087 610-688-9400