Court battle over comics characters

January 29, 2008 7:52:43 AM PST
Two entertainment companies are fighting in Wilmington's federal court over the trademark of a comic book heroine.

The bench trial began Monday.

Red Sonja LLC has the rights to Red Sonja with a "j," who appeared in a comic book and a 1985 movie. Paradox Entertainment owns the right to Red Sonya with a "y." That Sonya appeared in a 1930s story.

Red Sonja LLC claims Paradox tried to dilute and infringe its trademark with a press release about Red Sonya with a "y," jeopardizing plans for a new movie about Red Sonja with a "j."

Paradox's attorneys say the confusion was an unintentional mistake that was corrected once Paradox saw the lawsuit.

The plaintiffs are seeking $5 million.

Information from: The (Wilmington, Del.) News Journal,