Porn viewed on church computer

January 31, 2008 4:50:58 PM PST
A civilian State Police employee is accused of sneaking into a church to look at pornography on a computer. Forty-two-year-old Thomas Findler, a civilian clerk and typist with the New Jersey State Police, has been arrested for allegedly sneaking into Grace St. Paul Episcopal Church and viewing teen pornography on a computer.

"I think I would feel less upset if someone had come in and taken something from our church than coming into our church and doing what he did," said church member Gladys Longmuir.

"We believe he doesn't have access to a computer at home so he decided to use the one there," said Lt. James Kostoplis.

Findler is single and lives with his father, a retired Trenton detective. Police arrested Findler at gunpoint on Wednesday after being confronted by the church custodian as he left the nun's basement office.

"This guy just pops out of Mother Susan's office. I'm like what are you doing here? Are you a member here? He starts running, so I went running after him," said the custodian, John Jones.

When police caught Findler, he was carrying a set of the church's keys. Today the locks were changed. The rector says Findler's late mother was a member of Grace-St. Paul's, but Thomas Findler was not.

"I knew something was going on cause he would always come in. He was always by himself when nobody was here," said Dennis Daniels.

Findler has been charged with burglary and theft of services. He is free on $20,000 bail.

Technicians were examining the computer in question. If it is determined Findler was looking at child pornography, he could face additional charges.