Mrs. Obama goes to Wilmington

January 31, 2008 5:14:20 PM PST
While Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama continues to meet shifting expectations in his political campaign, his wife Michelle says normal Americans are having a hard time keeping up with the changes in their daily lives. At a rally for her husband in Wilmington today before making another scheduled stop in Dover, Obama said the solid upbringing her working-class parents provided her is becoming increasingly more difficult for middle-class American families.

"We need a different kind of leadership, a leadership that we have not seen in my lifetime," Michelle Obama said.

Obama said that from coping with rising prices and unaffordable health care and college, to jobs being outsourced and pensions being taken away, the goals Americans set for themselves seem to constantly move beyond their reach, robbing them of their spirit and hope.

"I haven't been this excited about voting in 20 years," Jacqueline Latson of Wilmington said. It is that kind of excitement that the Obama camp hopes will get Delaware voters to the polls on Super Tuesday. Delaware democrats here have just 15 delegate votes at stake, which is a fraction in the national scheme of things, but supporters know when it comes to Barack Obama, every vote counts.

Whether Barack Obama himself campaigns in Delaware remains to be seen, but now his supporters say a visit from his wife Michelle is enough.

"Michelle's message just showed us how everyday people can be empowered to make a difference," Shane White of Wilmington said.

"I was quite satisfied to hear from Michelle because I thought she brought a solid message," Elizabeth O'Neal of Wilmington said.

Delaware voters will cast ballots Tuesday, along with those in 23 other states holding primaries and caucuses.