Joey Chestnut takes Wingbowl crown

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February 2, 2012 8:46:11 AM PST
It was thrills, chills and pass the Pepto in South Philadelphia. It's the 16th annual pre-Super Bowl tradition known as the Wingbowl. Thousands witnessed the stomach-churning spectacle at the Wachovia Center this morning. Confetti flew as this year's winner, defending champ Joey Chestnut was crowned.

Chestnut consumed 241 wings.

They entered the packed arena in all their glory. 30 competitors surrounded by beautiful women. Each hoping that in the span of 30 minutes they could do what seems impossible to most people - consume hundreds of chicken wings. More than anyone else in the world has ever eaten before.

But among the competitors two stood out. The local favorite and five-time champ, who'd come out of retirement for today. He is Bill Simmons, better known as El Wingador. El Wingador's nemesis is the professional eater from California. The man who'd won the past two years... Joey Chestnut.

The first round ended with Joey in the lead. He'd eaten 124 wings. But El Wingador had eaten 107. Not an impossible margin to make up. But in the second round, Joey surged further ahead... 224 to El Wingador's 189.

After the final 2-minute eat-off the reigning champ had eaten 241 wings. 35 more than the local favorite.

Chestnut takes home a car and a motorcycle for his efforts, and whatever the after-effects might be of ingesting some 1680 grams of fat and 6240 milligrams of cholesterol.