Surfing cat hangs 9 (lives)

February 7, 2008 4:51:50 AM PST
Four-month-old Nicolasa has been training for weeks to learn to surf. Peruvian surfer Domingo Pianezzi is known for having founded a dynasty of dog surfers. His new protege proved to be challenging. Little Nicolasa had to overcome her fear of water!Pianezzi told a reporter, "I already accomplished the hardest thing, which was getting her to surf and swim, which is the worst part." "She is getting better and better, but she is only 60 percent trained so far ," he added.

The kitten is seen on video riding the waves on Pianezzi's surf board. She basically looks like she's holding on for dear life! It was Nicolasa's owner's idea to start the lessons. She now trains three or four times a week. Pianezzi hopes to enter her in international competitions.