Possible change in six pack sales

February 8, 2008 6:58:25 PM PST
If you want to buy a six-pack of beer in Pennsylvania, you must go to tavern or bar and usually pay a premium price.

A six pack of Yuengling at a bar can now run 7 to 11 dollars. That's steep compared to its $19.00 a case price.

The state's 1300 beer distributors only see beer by the case. It has been that way for decades, but lawmakers in Harrisburg have crafted legislation that could allow you to buy a six pack of beer at a distributor.

Could a beer distributor save six pack buyers money? Backers of the change say it would help upscale craft brewers like Downingtown's Victory Brewing Company. If you want to sample a micro brew at a distributor now, you have to buy a case and that might cost 30 dollars or more. If you change the six pack rule, beer buyers would pay much less just to try it.

Widespread supermarket sale is not under consideration, although one chain is reportedly investigating buying existing liquor licenses from restaurants so they can sell in select stores.