Hero accused of dognapping

February 20, 2008 6:17:06 PM PST
At first, a Canadian was considered a hero for returning a missing dog to its heartsick owner. Now he's accused of dognapping.

A dog walker left Huckleberry tied up outside a Toronto bakery on Saturday. A few minutes later, the chocolate lab was gone.

The owner, Bert Clark, offered a reward of about $15,000 for Huckleberry's return. Then late Sunday, 54-year-old Richard Cassibo showed up with the dog.

Authorities say Cassibo accepted a check for about $10,000 and asked Clark to donate the rest to an animal hospital.

On Wednesday, police said they charged Cassibo and an alleged co-conspirator Andrew Footit with conspiracy, corruptly taking a reward, possession of property obtained by crime and attempted fraud.