A $3,000.00 bra

February 13, 2008 7:24:59 AM PST
Would you pay $3,000 for a bra? OK, for Shakira's bra? And no, smarty, the bra in question wouldn't actually contain the pop star. At least one fan thought it was worth it, shelling out 3G's for one of Shakira's bras. The undergarment was among the 40 items she donated to an Internet auction for her foundation, which is building a school for poor kids in her native Columbia.

Other big-ticket items that went at auction included the $14,000 for a meeting with Shakira and front-row seats at a show in Toronto. The items from Shakira's 2007 "Oral Fixation" tour so far have generated $76,000. The sell-off continues until Sunday.

On the Net: Auction Cause site: http://www.auctioncause.com/ Shakira site: http://www.shakira.com/