Amur Tigers enjoy Valentine's Day

February 14, 2008 9:15:23 PM PST
Mother Tiger and her cubs got special treats at the Philadelphia Zoo.

To celebrate Valentine's Day, zookeepers handed out beef shank bones.

Mother tiger Kira, and her three cubs, Changbai, Koosaka and Terney seemed to enjoy the treats.

The female cubs are nine months old, and are getting almost as big as their mother.

In addition to the beef treats, the tigers were given a flower bouquet, made out of animal-friendly cardboard. The tigers gave the flowers a real work-out, tipping them over, then ripping them apart.

During February, the Philadelphia Zoo is running its 'pay the weather promotion'.

That means if the temperature is in the 30's, guests pay $3 admission, if its in the 40'sn, guests pay $4, and so on.